Teflon Chain Lube:


First, put the chain on the big ring in the front, and the small cog on the back. Apply the lube on the chain, over the top of the cog. Let a nice flow of lube go onto the chain (don’t be stingy). Spin the chain backwards, and wipe off all of the dirt and grime that comes up to the surface of the chain. Keep in mind, you can’t wipe off the chain too much. Shift the chain off the big ring, so you can wipe off the chain ring, to clean up the little bit of residue left behind. For best results, allow your chain to sit a few hours or lube the night before. However, if right after lubing, you have to ride, go for it. Giving the lube a chance to set gives the lube a bit more life by allowing the protective membrane to fully set-up. Remember, to wipe off you chain after riding regardless if you’re going to re-lube or not. This keeps the chain clean and looking great!


If swallowed DO NOT induce vomiting. Get medical attention immediately. For eye contact, flush wih water for at least 15 minutes. For skin contact, wash with soap and water.

Chain Degreaser:


Attach Demon Chain Hawk to your bike chain making sure that the chain fully settles into the brushes. Fill the Chain Hawk to the fill line via the opening on the top of the chain cleaner. Once your chain cleaner is filled with solvent, begin turning the cranks of your bicycle backwards for at least thirty full revolutions . Once you have cycled thirty revolutions, remove your chain cleaning device and pour the solvent into a separate container for disposal. Wipe off your chain by running it through a clean, dry rag and leave your chain to air-dry or use an air compressor to blow the excess water off of your chain. Once the chain is dry it is important to relubricate your chain.

Demon Teflon Chain Lube

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