Demon Team Vinyl Helmet Wrap comes in a one piece wrap design to cover your whole helmet. Make your helmet stand out in the crowd with our awesome designs. 


To install the vinyl wrap follow these steps:

1. Make sure that you have a heat gun or hair dryer, and an exacto knife or art knife.

2. Slowly peel the vinyl to expose the sticky part. Do unpeel the whole piece at once. 

3. Start on the side parts first, work it with the heat gun to allow the vinyl to mold to every part of the helmet.

4. Once the sides are done, do the same with the top template by centering it to the helmet.

5. Make sure that you trim any pieces that overhang.

6. Do not forget to do a post heat after completing the whole wrap. Just to make sure that your vinyl is completely molded to your helmet.

Vinyl Helmet Wrap

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